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Stones in the Wilderness 2022

Welcome to the Stones in the Wilderness Community of Prayer LENT 2022.

From David Halstead....

I have been very encouraged by the positive response to Stones in the Wilderness 22. So far over 80 people have 'signed' up and all the signs are that more will join. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining us please encourage them to get in touch with me themselves or get their permission to send me their details yourself.

Attached is the LENT INFORMATION SHEET which contains suggestions about taking part. There will be a HOLY WEEK INFORMATION SHEET when the time comes.

I suggest that you PRINT IT OFF so you can have it to hand each day.

You can do your Community of Prayer Act of Devotion at any time of the day which is convenient for you – many will be doing it around Mid-Day but we realise that not everyone can do that.

We begin on the evening of Shrove Tuesday when I will send you the WORD for ASH WEDNESDAY. Thereafter I will be sending the WORD FOR THE DAY the evening before it is needed. You may decide not to open the attachment until you are ready to use it – to maintain a level of SURPRISE

I hope you 'enjoy' your wanderings in the 'wilderness' and that the WORDS chosen set off trains of thought which then distil into 'insights' which are beyond words – warmed heart 'experiences' – which make us realise that we are both 'loved' by God and 'called' by God to love others.

The FINAL THOUGHTS in the Information Sheet reflect a communal expectation. It will not happen for everyone every time! We have to expect that there will be some days when NOTHING seems to happen for us but it will happen for others in the Community of Prayer. Although each day stands alone – it is a FORTY DAY experience we are embarking on. I believe that as each day passes we will all grow closer to God and to each other in some way.

Should you have any concerns, questions or suggestions feel free to contact me using my email address.


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