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EDI Training

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Wales Synod Cymru have a newly formed Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group, its Convenor is Denise Creed a supernumerary Deacon in the Conwy and Prestayn Circuit, whose role is co-ordinate the group, and send out relevant information to the Circuits.

The EDI Group are passionate to promote and support The Methodist Church's vision that we are an inclusive, justice-seeking church. We believe that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are such important themes in the Christian faith and the Methodist tradition because we want to be a church that reflects God's love for every person.

The gospel message says each person is made in God's image and as we meet people different from ourselves, we learn more of God's self.

The Methodist Church is committed to becoming a Church that prioritises justice and dignity for all, especially those who have previously been excluded, and to stand in active solidarity together.

Each Methodist member is asked to commit to life-long learning about the rich diversity of human life as part of our discipleship in following Jesus Christ.

Being Christian, according to this strategy, means:

o celebrating God who made each person in God's own image

o being disciples of Jesus who treated each person with dignity

o rejoicing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to all people.

We want to live together with a culture of justice and respect for all people.


OUR REMIT as agreed by the Policy Committee AND our COMMITMENT TO The Wales Synod Cymru is that THE EDI GROUP IS to:-

€ Assist the development of strategy and policy-making, and decision-making within their sphere of church life, particularly by listening to the people worst effected by any bad practice.

€ Encourage, share and develop good practice and local innovation.

€ Monitor whether churches and circuits are living out this Strategy for Justice, Dignity and Solidarity and to offer support, or to find support, where it is needed.

€ Designate one of the group who will 'sign off' any assessment that has been carried out in relation to various pieces of work

€ Endeavour to be aware of, and familiar with, the processes, tools and resources for use in this strategy and to share knowledge of them around the churches/circuits/Synod.

€ Help the circuits/Synod ensure that the mandatory EDI training is carried out by those in the appropriate roles, and to encourage a spirit of life-long learning about the diversity of human experience

€ Work with others within the circuits/Synod to form networks or 'communities of practice' to encourage a breadth and depth of experience from which to learn across all the rich diversity of Methodist life.

€ To work collaboratively using the gifts and skills, knowledge and experiences of those involved, bringing in others when needed to ensure best practice.

If you have a passion for being part of an inclusive, justice, seeking church and would like to join the EDI Group, please contact the convenor on 01492 874808 or email

EDI Training

By the end of 2023 all listed below should have completed the mandatory training

Mandatory EDI Training

The following groups of people are now required to undertake mandatory EDI training (as agreed by Conference 2021)

€ All ministers (including Superintendents and District Chairs)

€ Local Preachers and Worship Leaders

€ Connexional Committee members

€ Connexional Team members

€ Circuit and District Safeguarding Officers

€ Circuit stewards and church stewards

€ Lay workers: a) Lay Pastoral Workers b) Children, Youth and Family Workers c) Pioneers

A link to the online training can be found here:-

This training is to help us to live out our commitment to being a church which is inclusive and justice-seeking. We are now committed to life-long learning about the richness of human diversity and to learning from one another. Thanks for your help in putting this in to practice.

The Methodist Church has published additional materials for those who are running EDI training sessions as a group. The information is here: Mandatory EDI Training (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) (, and the resources are here: Training Resources (

Training Materials are in Welsh and English

Stuart Watkin who covers EDI matters for the Connexional Learning Network has prepared a document which sets out the pros and cons of using the various training methods in your Circuit.

A copy can be obtained using the following link:

EDI_training_options.pdf (

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